We are a Kansas City area non-landed organization devoted to promoting wholesome, family-friendly nude recreation since 1982.

We hold various events throughout the year, including swims, bowling, camping, house parties, an annual nude 5k, and more. All of our events are family-friendly and we strictly prohibit any sexual displays or hitting on any of our guests or members. We strive to maintain a safe and comfortable environment for singles, couples, and families to practice social nudism worry-free.

The Heartland Naturists is open to singles, couples, and families of all races, orientations, scars of life, or disability. We strive to accept everyone based on their personality alone.

This website is intended to encourage the acceptance and practice of nudism through education and promotion of various Heartland Naturists events. We hope that you will browse these pages with an open mind, taking the time to learn about the true meaning of the naturist way of life, and consider joining us at an event.

The Heartland Naturists organization is proud to be affiliated with The Naturist Society and Clothes Free International, Inc..

“I like the 'realness' of nudism. Being a naturist gives you a sense of freedom and security. I've gone from being very insecure, to hanging out with the Heartland Naturists and feeling comfortable in my own skin.” - Lynn S

“I love the freedom and comfort of naturism... From the moment I arrived... it felt completely natural... There was never a moment when I felt uncomfortable or embarrassed. Everyone was very welcoming and supportive.” - Jim C

“We realize now we need not be intimidated.” - Tim & Patty G

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